Silver Jerez Arracadas, Medium

$ 140.00

Gorgeous, handmade silver Jerez arracada earrings from central Mexico. These are relatively light weight and the designs are from the Zacatecas area of Mexico. The arracada shape is a traditional Mexican earring crescent shape. The design is a typical floral and filagree center with scalloped edges. These are handmade with lots of love! Jerez arracadas vary a tiny bit in the amount of filagree, the detail on the edges,  the use of flowers or birds etc. Please allow us to choose for you from our current stock! 

Arracada earrings do not sit perpendicular to the head. They sit at a slight angle and sometimes you can see the back of the earring as you face a mirror. They are supposed to be that way!

state of origin:  Zacatecas
dimensions: approx 1.5" long by 1.25" wide  

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