Our Minneapolis Mexican Folk Art Shop Is Now Completely Online

Zinnia Folk Art Store Front

Our Mexican Folk Art Shop in Minneapolis, MN

We will be closing our brick and mortar store on May 15, 2022 to allow us to focus only on the online store. Please sign up for the email list to keep up to date on our travels, new merchandise and changes that are coming soon to the online shop!

Our top quality Mexican folk art shop, was housed in a brick building built in 1919, in one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods. With its terrazzo floors and high ceilings, our space was riotously colorful, filled with constantly rotating folk art hand-selected and purchased through fair, direct trade practices in Mexico by Zinnia owner Anne Damon. Since May 16, 2022, we've become an online only store and are no longer operating the brick and mortar store. 

Anne visits different regions of Mexico on each trip, seeking out artisans in their homes or studios. She selects the most well-made, unusual items and purchases directly from artisans, at the prices set by them. She also searches in local mercados and among a handful of Mexico-based folk art dealers. 

Because Anne selects every item personally, the objects we sell are often one-of-a-kind. Everything is handmade, pretty much everything is made in Mexico (a few things from Guatemala and Peru) and, as Anne can describe when you walk in the door, everything is chosen with an eye to quality and beauty. The result is one of the most beautiful collections of Mexican crafts in this country.

When you buy from Zinnia Folk Arts you can trust that every piece was handmade by an artisan located in Mexico.  The state where that artisan lives is labeled "state of origin" on every product page. You can trust that every piece is selected by Zinnia's owner and founder, Anne Damon. Your purchases support the continued production of high quality Mexican craft by reinforcing the demand for excellence rather than the demand for cheap mass-produced goods. You can know that your purchase was made by the fairest of fair trade--buying directly from the artisans, at the price they set, from the objects they have available, in seven different regions of Mexico, three to four times per year. You can be sure that the piece was designed by a Mexican artisan and not by a corporation!

What is Mexican Folk Art?

Good question! Folk art is always some kind of hand made object and is usually considered a craft rather than a fine art. That's true about folk art from all over the world. The usual distinction between folk art and craft is that folk art arises from a cultural, regional or familial tradition or belief that has been passed on from generation to generation--so that object you see on our website (like a Day of the Dead catrina or a beautiful silver earring) has a long history of being made in Mexico. These objects have been made over the years by Mexican artisan families and some of them get REALLY good at it. And then some of them take it to a new level trying traditional motifs in a quirky and unusual way. These are the objects you'll see at Zinnia Folk Arts!