Tin Can Decorated Nicho Boxes

$ 21.00
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Diablos in Silver Can
Standing Devil in Gold Glitter
Diablos in Blue Can
Skulls in Blue Can
Mermaid in Gold Can
Mermaid in Silver Can
Swimming Mermaid

These one-of-a-kind glittered carton nicho boxes are whimsical and fun. The paper and cardboard figures are sitting inside a small painted tuna can. These quirky nicho boxes can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf. So much whimsy has gone into the making of these small folk art objects by a fun-loving Oaxacan folk artist. 

state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: approx 3" by 3" by 1.5"-2" deep

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Diablos in Silver Can: 1
Standing Devil in Gold Glitter: 1
Diablos in Blue Can: 1
Skulls in Blue Can: 1
Mermaid in Gold Can: 1
Mermaid in Silver Can: 1
Swimming Mermaid: 0