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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Ocumicho Fantasy Ceramics: Unique Mexican Ceramic Sculptures

Posted by Anne Damon in Masks, Mexican ceramics, Ocumicho

Ocumicho Ceramics

There is a very small, remote, dirt-streets town located in the western edge of Michoacan, named Ocumicho. In this little town are the most amazing folk artisans. Their style is recognizable anywhere. Their view of the world is filled with impish devils, fish-eyed persons, comical animals and weirdly shaped whistles and clay figures of all types.  The range of objects goes from individual bird shaped whistles to gigantic clay scenes of the Last Supper with mermaids, a hospital operating room, children playing on playgrounds or just about any possible configuration. As is true of many folk arts in Mexico, almost the entire town participates in making figures and vignettes of low fired clay.

For a lot more information about the history of Ocumicho ceramics take a look at this article.

The above image is from Teyacapan's photostream on Flickr.

Some artisans have branched out into wood carved masks.

Whistle musicians...

If you are anywhere near Zamora, Michoacan, on your next trip to Mexico, it's definitely worth the trip!

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  • Thanks so much Michael! Ocumicho is so remote—you must have driven awhile to get there. I’ll be going to the Uruapan Semana Santa folk art fair this year and hope to see (and buy from) many of the artisans from Ocumicho. Thanks for your comment and kind words. Anne

    Posted by Anne Damon on March 02, 2017
  • My father and I traveled to Ocumicho in the mid 80’s not only did we pickup the clay art typical of that area but we meet and artist and bought a 4’ tall 200+ pound wooden carved devil. I’ve never seen anything else like it from there. I am glad to see that people still like the folk art from there. You have a great site.

    Posted by Michael Harmon on March 02, 2017
  • Hi Bob! Thanks for your comment. I add Ocumicho items to the Minneapolis shop whenever I go to Michoacán which is about once per year. I seldom (almost never) put them on the website because they are so fragile that I don’t want to risk shipping them. I have had some large pieces in the past but they have all been sold in the shop and not online. At the moment I have 4 or 5 smaller pieces in the Minneapolis shop. Sorry!

    Posted by Anne on February 22, 2016
  • Over the years I have collected nearly 30 pieces of this wonderful folk-art. Most of my pieces are prior to the 1980’s and include devils on motorcycles, last suppers, nativity scenes, suns and moon and lots of devils.

    are you adding these tthings to your inventory? I didnt see a link on your page

    Posted by Bob Stauss on February 21, 2016
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