One of the most common shapes for handmade earrings in Mexico is the "arracada" or a crescent shape earring, often with a gote (drop) or small cups hanging from the bottom. Many, many women wear arracadas made from sterling silver or gold. I've been told that in some regions (Zacatecas) the arracada earring is a gift to a very young girl from her relatives and she wears them exclusively. Some arracadas are gifts for the quinceañera (15th birthday) and others are gifts from parents that are treasured through a lifetime.

In many of the Mexican regions I travel, I see variations on the arracada shape and love to purchase them because they are a classic shape that looks great on everyone. Sometimes women are dismayed at the way it sits in the ear but I assure you, it's not your ear! They are meant to sit at an angle and not perpendicular to the head. Sometimes the design is not visible from the front. It is only visible from the side so other people can enjoy your earrings. Other earrings are arracadas that have been attached to a French wire with or without embellishment and dangle straight from the earlobe so the angle issue is solved.

Here are a few examples of Mexican silver arracada earrings currently in the shop. Click on the photo to take you to the shop...
Mexican Arracada Earrings
Below you see a Mexican arracada earring with the design on the inside and in the next picture what it looks like from the outside. The earrings can be reversed but the design is always going to be seen only from one side. The final shot shows the head on view when the design is on the outside.
Mexican Arracada Earrings
Mexican Arracada Earrings

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