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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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What Do Moms Like?

Talavera Table Setting at Zinnia Folk Arts

 Some Moms like beautiful handmade ceramics for serving dinner or entertaining friends....

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Silver Mexican Earrings Made by the Mazahua

Posted by Anne Damon in Mazahua, Mexican silver jewelry   /   1 COMMENTS

There are some amazing silver jewelry artisans in the Mazahua area of Mexico, northwest of Mexico City. They have been making earrings for a very long time. They were deeply influenced by the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 1500's. When Spanish women arrived in Mexico they brought many new jewelry styles but in particular a style of earring that was crescent-shaped (arracada) and often wrapped in silver or gold. These styles took root in Mexican silver jewelry making and continue to this day. One Mazahua silversmith told the author of an article on Mazahua earrings in Artes de Mexico, the meaning of the silver earrings. He said, "The stones symbolize the bright star that comes out at around four or five in the morning. The doves represent the husband going out into the fields to work, and his wife getting up to make atole. The flowers and leaves refer to the countryside, to nature. And the lines are the rays of the Sun." When the artisans learn to make these intricate earrings, they practice on less expensive metals such as copper and brass. Once they master the technique, they start using silver wire and silver sheets. To this day the elder artisans teach the younger. Unfortunately, not as many young people are so interested in carrying on the tradition. Like so many types of folk art, the Mazahua earring is at risk of dying out. All of these earrings are .925 silver.Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua  Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua

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Mexican Silver Arracada or Crescent Hoop-Shaped Earrings

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican silver jewelry   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

One of the most common shapes for handmade earrings in Mexico is the "arracada" or a crescent shape earring, often with a gote (drop) or small cups hanging from the bottom. Many, many women wear arracadas made from sterling silver or gold. I've been told that in some regions (Zacatecas) the arracada earring is a gift to a very young girl from her relatives and she wears them exclusively. Some arracadas

Mexican Arracada Earrings

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What do Sacred Hearts Mean In Mexican Folk Art?

Alpaca Sacred Heart, Mexican Folk Art

The Sacred Heart is one of the most common motifs in religious folk art created in Mexico. The idea is that the physical heart of Jesus is a symbol of his divine love for humanity. The Mexican folk art sacred heart comes in various forms--with flames around it, with a crown, with a dagger through the center and sometimes with a crown of thorns--and all represent the same thing, Jesus' compassion for humanity. In some Christian paintings it is depicted as a flaming heart shining

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Traditional Mexican Silver Jewelry

Posted by Anne Damon in Mazahua, Mexican silver jewelry, Taxco   /   1 COMMENTS

Most people know that Mexico is famous for silver jewelry and most people associate that jewelry with Taxco. Taxco is a mecca for silver lovers--the streets are lined with silver shops. But did you know that there are other cities in Mexico that are home to silver artisans?  Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca and several other towns are home to many men and women who make traditional hammered and filigree silver earrings like their predecessors learned from the Spanish conquerors.  The craftsmanship of these silver earrings is exquisite. Some of them have clips and others are for pierced ears.