Otomi Hand Embroidered Placemats, Multi-colored

$ 35.00
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Make your own pillow or use as a placemat! Beautifully embroidered Otomi tenango textiles of the place mat size, embroidered by hand in Mexico. The Otomi Indians are originally from Hidalgo and Puebla but have moved to lots of different places all over the country. These vibrant pieces can be used as place mats but they  look amazing as pillow covers or framed in white or bright colored frames, as in the last photo. I am very choosy about the quality of these handmade pieces so they are all exquisitely embroidered.

Can be washed in the machine in cold water on the gentle or "hand wash" setting. Hang to dry. 

Photos depict the exact piece you will receive; choose with the drop down menu. Every one is one of a kind. 

state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: 17.5" by 15"
Available: Quantities limited by Style
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