Small Talavera Pitcher

$ 48.00
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These small handmade Mexican talavera pitchers are from Dolores Hidalgo and made by one of our favorite workshops. Their talavera is always lead-free. We currently have two beautiful talavera designs of the pitcher in stock. They are meant to be used and go with the patterns that we stock in our other ceramics. Has a nice strong handle that is not wimpy. It's known as a "lechera" which means it's for milk -- it's bigger than a creamer but not as big as a water pitcher. 

Shipping of ceramics is not free. If the packing and shipping to your destination exceeds our ceramics shipping deposit, you'll receive a Paypal invoice for the difference, within a few days of ordering. 

state of origin: Guanajuato
dimensions: approx 7" tall by 6.5" wide

Available: Quantities limited by COLOR
Blue Zinnia: 1
Red Petunia: 0