Otomi Hand Embroidered Placemats, Solid Colors

$ 35.00
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Exquisitely embroidered, colorful Otomi textiles handmade in Mexico. These placemat-sized embroideries were made in Hidalgo, Mexico. Every one is different because they are hand embroidered and the design is drawn and embroidered by individual artisans. They add a colorful and cheerful accent to any room. They can be made into pillows or framed to add a spot of color to your home. I am very picky about the quality of the pieces and these are exquisite!

Photos are of the group we currently have in stock.  

state of origin:  Hidalgo
dimensions: approximately 16" by 13" rectangle 

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Sunflower Yellow: 5
Light Teal: 1
Dark Red: 4
Black: 3
Burgundy-Deep Maroon: 1
Light Gray: 0
Olive Green: 0
Dark Teal: 0
Melon Orange: 0
Turquoise: 0