Otomi Hand Embroidered Placemats, Solid Colors

$ 38.00
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Exquisitely embroidered, colorful Otomi textiles handmade in Mexico. These placemat-sized embroideries were made in Hidalgo, Mexico. Every one is different because they are hand embroidered and the design is drawn and embroidered by individual artisans. They add a colorful and cheerful accent to any room. They can be made into pillows or framed to add a spot of color to your home. I am very picky about the quality of the pieces and these are exquisite.

We may not have the exact same one in the top of the pile of photographed placemats but they are all in the same color with different animals, birds, flowers.  

state of origin:  Hidalgo
dimensions: approximately 16" by 13" rectangle 

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Navy Blue: 2
Turquoise: 3
Black: 1
Sunflower Yellow: 3
Dark Red: 4
Dark Orange: 1
Light Blue: 1
Dark gray: 0
Light Gray: 0
Burgundy-Deep Maroon: 0
Light Teal: 0