Authentic Vintage Saltillo Runner

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A medium size Mexican Saltillo runner from circa 1940's-1950's. This is not made of acrylic! This runner features a beautiful diamond tapestry of wool and cotton in the center. The other colors are woven in a beautiful ombre from bright to light color. The side edges are a straight. The warp fringe is in very good condition. The fringe tells us that the warp is made of cotton thread. The colors are bright. There are several small holes, as there sometimes are, in these old wool pieces. None of the holes are large and they are visible when the piece is held up to the light. It's not in perfect condition but it's lived a life. These minor blemishes do not detract from the look of the blanket (at least to me!) It's made of wool and cotton. It displays the telltale red, white and green tiny stripes between blocks of color in reference to the colors of Mexico. 

One of a kind. 

Here's a little more info about saltillo blankets.

state of origin: Saltillo, Coahuila
dimensions: approx 30" long by 15" wide

Available: Quantities limited by Color
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