Colorful Woven Cotton Tablecloth, 78" by 55"

$ 95.00
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Summer Stripe 1 (purple/orange/pink)
Summer Stripe 2 (orange/green/pink)
Ana 1 (Multi & lime green)
Ana 2 (Multi & turquoise)

The vibrant lively colors of Mexico were woven by hand (and foot) on a floor loom in Patzcuaro, Michoacán! These 100% cotton tablecloths go well with our cotton napkins and look great with white dishes. Add lots of flowers and you'll have a beautiful table in no time. 

Handwoven items may have slight irregularities, uncut threads or other surprises. This adds to the charm--it's hand made! Wash all cotton items in cold water, tumble dry on low or hang to dry. May need a slight press to keep it crisp if you care about that sort of thing. 

There are four photos of each color design. 

state of origin: Michoacán
dimensions: approx 78" long by 55" wide

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Summer Stripe 1 (purple/orange/pink): 1
Summer Stripe 2 (orange/green/pink): 1
Ana 1 (Multi & lime green): 1
Ana 2 (Multi & turquoise): 1