Medium Clay Painted Animal Masks

$ 65.00
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Red Creature with Black Ears
Gray Creature with Heavy Eyebrows
Red Reindeer with Slightly Cracked Antlers
Lavender with Blue Ears

These medium sized Michoacán clay masks are made by various members of a family from Ocumicho, Michoacán.

They are an unusual twist on the whimsical and quirky clay pieces from Ocumicho which frequently feature devils doing activities of daily life. This young family is pursuing something different--clay masks, usually of animals, that are painted in an Ocumicho style but in color palettes that are fresh and modern. 

I purchased these at the Semana Santa folk art fair during Holy Week in Uruapan, Michoacán. 

The red reindeer with antlers has some cracks in the antlers that I noticed during photographing. They can be painted over with black acrylic paint--I think they may have been repaired by the artisan. They are barely visible as I did not notice them when I purchased in Mexico. 

One of a kind. 

state of origin: Michoacán
dimensions:  approx 4-5" tall by about 5" wide See photos with a quarter for size comparison

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Red Creature with Black Ears: 0
Gray Creature with Heavy Eyebrows: 1
Red Reindeer with Slightly Cracked Antlers: 1
Lavender with Blue Ears: 1