Tortilla Warmers

$ 25.00
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Keep your tortillas warm after reheating or taking off the comal! These very pretty tortilleros were handmade--one group was machine embroidered by women in Southern Mexico-- and the other group was hand embroidered by a woman in San Miguel de Allende. Various designs available, all beautiful--allow us to choose for you! 

All machine embroidered have blue edges.

state of origin: Guanajuato and Oaxaca
dimensions: 9.5" across

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Hand Embroidered Butterfly: 4
Hand Embroidered Hummingbird: 2
Hand Embroidered Cactus-White: 1
Machine Embroidered: 1
Hand Embroidered Peacock: 0
Hand Embroidered Rooster-Black: 0