Sacred Heart Painted Tin Ornaments

$ 4.00
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Pink flame/dotted edges
Cherub on Top
Pink Edges
Green Flame
Gold Crown Sacred Heart
Tulip Cross
Dark Pink Flame Sacred Heart
Light Pink Flame Sacred Heart

Tin sacred hearts made in Mexico! The cheerful tin ornaments are one of the first things that come to mind when one thinks about Mexico's decorations. These hand-cut and painted tin sacred heart ornaments come from one of the tin-making centers of Mexico, Oaxaca.  Learn more about Mexico's tin folk art. This is a particularly fine bunch, well painted and bright. They are painted on both sides. Do not leave in the sunlight if you don't want them to fade! 

$6 (painted both sides) each plus shipping
$4 (painted on one side) each plus shipping

state of origin:  Oaxaca
dimensions: approx 4-5" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Pink flame/dotted edges: 16
Cherub on Top: 1
Pink Edges: 9
Green Flame: 14
Flowers: 19
Gold Crown Sacred Heart: 0
Tulip Cross: 0
Wings: 0
Dark Pink Flame Sacred Heart: 0
Light Pink Flame Sacred Heart: 0