Sacred Heart Painted Tin Ornaments

$ 6.00
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Tin sacred hearts made in Mexico! The cheerful tin ornaments are one of the first things that come to mind when one thinks about Mexico's decorations. These hand-cut and painted tin sacred heart ornaments come from one of the tin-making centers of Mexico, Oaxaca.  Learn more about Mexico's tin folk art. This is a particularly fine bunch, well painted and bright. They are painted on both sides. Do not leave in the sunlight if you don't want them to fade! 

$6 (painted both sides) each plus shipping
$4 (painted on one side) each plus shipping

state of origin:  Oaxaca
dimensions: approx 4-5" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Dark Pink Flame Sacred Heart: 3
Light Pink Flame Sacred Heart: 8
Cherub on Top: 5
Pink Edges: 13
Wings: 4
Green Flame: 34
Flowers: 20
Pink flame/dotted edges: 17
Gold Crown Sacred Heart: 0
Tulip Cross: 0