3-D Large Tin Mexican Hearts, Shiny Finish

$ 65.00
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A very pretty three dimensional, 2-3 layer heart with embellishments made of tin in Oaxaca. These lovely hearts with lovebirds (or one that is all hearts, no birds) are medium-large and can be hung from the door or the wall. They have a nice strong hook at the top. The colors are bright and vivid but don't hang in sunlight because they will fade. For more information about tin folk art made in Mexico, take a look at this blog post!


state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: approximately 13" tall by 12" wide

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Yellow and Red Flower: 1
Green with Purple and Pink Flower: 0
Purple and Red Flower: 0
Green Leaves with Pink and Yellow flower: 0
Hearts Only: 0
Blue and Pink Flower: 0