Spring Design Plates, Ready to Ship

$ 20.00
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These beautiful handmade and hand-painted plates are painted with one color in a wispy colored design on an off-white background. Each one is painted individually in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato. Lovely idea for a housewarming, wedding or anniversary gift. Super pretty!  

If you need more of a particular design, all of these designs can be special ordered on the Tableware Special Orders Page.

Our talavera is food-safe, lead-free and can go in the microwave or oven. We recommend hand washing. 

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions:  Dessert: 7" across, Dinner plate: 10 3/8" , Large Dinner Plate: 11.5"

Available: Quantities limited by Color
7" Dessert Plate-coral: 8
7" Dessert Plate-Turquoise: 8
7" Dessert plate-yellow: 10
7" Dessert plate-cobalt: 5
10" Dinner Plate-Cobalt: 0
10" Dinner plate-yellow: 0
10"Dinner plate-turquoise: 0
10" Dinner Plate-coral: 0
11.5" Dinner Plate-Yellow: 0
11.5" Dinner Plate-Turquoise: 0
11.5" Large Dinner Plate-Cobalt: 0
11.5" Large Dinner Plates-Coral: 0