Large Dinner Plates in the Talavera Style

$ 36.00
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 These beautiful handmade and hand painted plates are a bit larger than our 10" plates (um, 1.5" larger) and many people think of these as a dinner plate. To me they are more like a serving plate but to each his/her own! Each one is painted individually, in their own unique pattern. And they go together even if the design is not identical, because of the cobalt blue edge and the same color palette. Allow us to choose for you. We promise they will look awesome together!

We have a variety of designs as seen in the photos. Click on dropdown to see pattern by name. 

Ceramics will be packed, shipped and insured by either UPS or FedEx, to increase the likelihood that they will arrive safely. If you should need to make an insurance claim because of broken pieces, you will do it through the carrier that delivered your package, not Zinnia Folk Arts. Multiples may require additional shipping and insurance charges. 

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions:  11.5" across

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Blue Petunia: 1
Rojo: 1
Lilac: 2
Blue Feather Edges: 2
Red petunia with Yellow: 1
Red Petunia-classic: 3
Red Petunia with Blue: 3
Bright Orange: 4
Azul y Rojo: 4
Pale Green Background with Variations: 5
Orange Hibiscus: 4