Vibrant Mexican Machine-Embroidered Placemats

$ 35.00
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Gorgeous! These placemats come from southern Mexico and are machine stitched on top of colorful cotton in the most lively and vibrant colors. And when I say they are "machine stitched," I mean they are machine stitched by a woman using a sewing machine, not by a machine.  Each one is unique and can be used as a centerpiece or in a group. The color listed is the color of the background fabric--quantities and colors available are listed. They all go well together so try mixing! 

$35 each

state of origin: Oaxaca, Chiapas
dimensions: 18" by 12.5"

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Fuschia/Pink-Purple: 7
Bright Yellow: 4
Orange: 4
Black: 4
Red: 6
Blue on Blue: 1
Dark Blue: 0
Dark Green: 0
Lime Green: 0