Wool Pompoms, Sets of Pom Poms with Tassel

$ 15.00
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Gorgeous handmade wool pompoms that are sometimes attached to rebozos or hats from the mountains of Chiapas. They come in sets of 5 pompoms in rich colors on a braided string and are united at the top by a braided loop. All have a yarn tassel in the same color. They can be used as a fun, colorful hanging decoration on a door or wall. Also very cute in a child's room or to add a dash of color to a neutral-colored space. Expertly made. 

state of origin:  Chiapas
dimensions:  group of pom poms with tassel and braided string is approx. 12"-13" long

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Bubblegum: 2
Bright Orange: 2
Coral: 2
Light Lilac: 2
Dark Lilac: 2
Soft Gray: 1
Multi 1: 0
Multi 2: 0