Ceramic Pineapples of Michoacán, Small Size

$ 145.00
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All Green #1
Flat Bottom/Candleholder

These gorgeous small sized, green and yellow glazed pineapples were handmade in Michoacán. The pineapple design differs slightly in shape and the decoration on the lid varies too. It's truly hard to convey the beauty of the glaze and the skill with which families  make these pineapples. Many people learned the skill from mothers and fathers where each pineapple starts with flat "pancakes" of clay that are molded into pineapples, then individually decorated with "applique" work that gives each piece it's realistic or abstracted pineapple skin. They are then allowed to dry. After drying completely, they receive their first firing in an open kiln. They are glazed and thoroughly covered with a special preparation called greta which gives the piece its beautiful deep green color. This group also features yellow. Then it is fired a second time at 900 degrees. The pineapples and especially the tops are fragile. The lids are removable. Some lids have a place for a candle and others do not. 

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state of origin: Michoacán
dimensions: approx 10-11" tall by 5-6" wide with the lid on

Available: Quantities limited by Color
All Green #1: 1
Flat Bottom/Candleholder: 1