LAST ONE! Musical Skeletons, Potato Paste Figures, Peru

$ 75.00
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Heart with Baseball Cap
Violin Player
Guitar Catrin--Dangles
Guitar Catrina-Dangles

These hand crafted skeletons come from Peru. Incredibly, unbelievably, they are made of potato paste. YES, potato paste. There is a wire formed in the shape of the figure and then a mush of potato paste and gummy substance is formed into the shape of the skeleton and the instrument.  This is a craft that is found primarily in Peru, made most famous by the Jimenez family. These skeletons were made by Claudio Jimenez Quispe and purchased at the International Folk Art Market. 

One of a kind. LAST ONE! 

state of origin: Peru
dimensions:  approx 6"-8" long

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Heart with Baseball Cap: 1
Violin Player: 0
Guitar Catrin--Dangles: 0
Guitar Catrina-Dangles: 0