Vintage Painted Wooden Trays, As Is

$ 35.00
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#4--9" across
Red rectangular Tray

These carved and painted trays or shallow bowls of wood are known as bateas. You may be familiar with these round, carved bateas with the colorful, typical flowers painted on the black background. They are a type of tourist art which comes from the state of Michoacán. They've been around for a long time and I pick them up at antique shops all over the country. They have a handmade charm, sometimes faded, but always on a dark black background and decorated inside and sometimes on the edges with hand-painted flowers and flourishes.

They are sold as is--there may be cracks, scraped paint, bumpy edges etc!

Rectangular tray is unusual! So pretty with curvy edges and slightly elevated with small feet. It is worn as you can see in the photos but I've never seen anything like this. A collector's item!  

state of origin:  Michoacán
dimensions: Rectangular tray is 13" by 9.5"/ Round bateas vary from about 9" to about 12"

Available: Quantities limited by Style
#4--9" across: 1
Red rectangular Tray: 0