Musical Skeletons, Potato Paste Figures, Peru

$ 75.00
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These hand crafted skeletons come from Peru. Incredibly, unbelievably, they are made of potato paste. YES, potato paste. There is a wire formed in the shape of the figure and then a mush of potato paste and gummy substance is formed into the shape of the skeleton and the instrument.  This is a craft that is found primarily in Peru, made most famous by the Jimenez family. These skeletons were made by Claudio Jimenez Quispe and purchased at the International Folk Art Market. 

2 dangle from the head and waist
2 of them are stationary

One of a kind.

state of origin: Peru
dimensions:  approx 6"-8" long

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Violin Player: 1
Guitar Catrin--Dangles: 1
Guitar Catrina-Dangles: 1
Heart with Baseball Cap: 1