Painted Wood Nicho Boxes by American Folk Artist

$ 125.00
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Day of the Dead Skeletons
Alice in Wonderland

Lovely painted wooden nicho boxes by an American folk artist from New Mexico. These approximately 3" deep boxes, covered with non-reflective glass (us an ammonia free cleaner!) are filled with images of various scenes. The Women Welcoming the Martians features a group of 1950's women waving hello to the landing space ships. The Alice in Wonderland box features all of the main characters and especially the clocks. There is the Day of the Dead with skeletons rising from the ground as they come home to reunite with relatives during the days and nights of Día de los Muertos. These gorgeous 3-d boxes are not signed. They can be hung or sit on a shelf. 

state of origin: New Mexico
dimensions: 9" tall by 6" wide by about 3" deep

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Day of the Dead Skeletons: 3
Alice in Wonderland: 1