Talavera Water Pitchers, Various Designs

$ 65.00
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This handmade Mexican talavera water pitcher is from Dolores Hidalgo and made by one of our favorite workshops. Their talavera is always lead-free. We currently have several beautiful talavera designs of the pitcher in stock. They are meant to be used and go with the patterns that we stock in our other ceramics. Has a nice strong handle that is not wimpy. Looks great as a water pitcher or holding flowers. 

These pitchers can be special ordered in your preferred design on our Special Order Servingware page. 

Shipping of ceramics is not free. If the packing and shipping to your destination exceeds our ceramics shipping deposit, you'll receive a Paypal invoice for the difference, within a few days of ordering. 

$65 plus shipping

state of origin: Guanajuato
dimensions: approx 9" tall by 9" wide

Available: Quantities limited by COLOR
Multi With Orange and Red Flower: 1
Amarillo: 0
Green Zinnia: 0
Orange Hibiscus: 0
Blue and Saffron Gold: 0
Azul y Rojo: 0
Blue Zinnia: 0
Verde: 0