Huichol Yarn Painting

$ 149.00

This recognizable colorful and vibrant style of folk art was made by a Huichol artisan named Pedro Bautista. The Huichol are a group of people primarily from Nayarit, the Mexican state just to the north and east of Puerto Vallarta. Yarn paintings are inspired by the dreams that visit the curanderos during a peyote ritual and often contain many of the sacred symbols of the Huichol people including deer, peyote, suns and moons and fire. Yarn paintings are made on a piece of plywood and the picture may be sketched out (or not) by the artist. A layer of bees wax is applied to the wood and then the long strands of yarn are decoratively placed and pressed into the wax to create the painting. This piece has a tiny little wobble in the upper left corner where the yarn wanted to escape. I've pushed it back into the wax and I think it will be pretty secure (see closeup).

This particular piece has some explanatory material written in Spanish by the artist on the back of wooden frame. He also signed it.  

Shipping is $35.99

state of origin:  Nayarit
dimensions: approximately 17.75" by 17.75"
Available: 1