Grande Red on White Incised and Lacquered Tray from Olínala, Guerrero

$ 155.00

Mexican lacquer work is an example of a folk art that appears in several regions in Mexico and was most likely imported from Asia at some point in Mexico's history. These incised lacquer trays are special, in that they are made in Olínala, Guerrero, a difficult place to get to. They are also special because of the color combinations and the real artistry in the incision of the design into the layers of lacquer. This one is a pretty bright rosy red on top of white. 

Traditional lacquer work is done by layering one color of laca onto the object, then allowing it to dry for a good period of time, layering another color, allowing to dry again. Then the design is etched or incised through the top layer of laca with a turkey quill!

This is a decorative piece, not meant to be used for throwing keys into or for serving food. The incised design can be chipped if not careful!  

One of a kind

state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions:  Rectangle: 20" by 13.5"

Available: 1